Fibreglass World Africa Kiosks

Fibreglass World Africa is a proud supplier of fibreglass kiosks designed for entrepreneurs throughout Africa. Our fibreglass kiosks are low maintenance, durable and come in a wide range of colours to suit your business.

We understand the difficulties vendors face on a daily basis like busy streets, theft and a lack of organised space. The kiosk can also be installed with an anti-slip surface to ensure safety even during rainy days.

We can help you create a more secure and easier to work in environment!

A standard range of fibreglass kiosks is available on the website. For designs oriented towards guard houses, cabins and more custom built designs – contact us directly for more details on how we can help you.

Fibreglass Office

Our Kiosks

Standard General Vendor Kiosks

Technical Specifications

Style Of Kiosk

Fibreglass kiosk with a rounded roof, one opening entrance for customers to approach and one entrance for you to enter and keep closed while serving customers. Designed primarily for general goods vendors

Dimensions & Weight Of Kiosk

    • Floor Space (1.2m x 1.2m)
    • Door Height/ Clearance (1786mm)
    • Weight Of Kiosk (130kg – 150kg)


A wide range of colours available, we colour the kiosk according to your specified colours.


Any internal lighting or sockets needed can be placed into the kiosk upon request.

Make your business easier to run with our kiosks


Our fibreglass kiosks are made to be durable and have excellent weathering properties

Kiosk Maintenance

Our kiosks are low maintenance, leaving you to focus on your business. The kiosk will not rot and does not need an extra paint job

Smart Space

With shelving available and smartly organised space. Selling a variety of products and keeping your inventory organised is no problem

Good Looking

Our kiosks are eye-catching & look good. The fibreglass kiosk can be manufactured in specific colours matched to your specification. Helping you build your business brand.


Each kiosk comes with an easy to lock door. Easy close and lockup system. Extra security can also be installed for maximum security during night time or days when you will not be working.


Our fibreglass kiosks are lightweight and can be easily transported around for your convienience

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