Fibre-Pipe is the brand name for our standard shapes, sheet and other structures supplied and distributed by Fibreglass World Africa.

What is the Pultrusion Process?

Pultrusion is a continuous molding process, whereby reinforced
fibreglass matt roving’s, fillers and resins are saturated with liquid
resin and then carefully pulled through a curing and heated die to
form a completed composite structural shape where cross sections
are constant.

Glass placement, resin formulation, catalyst level, die temperature and pull speed are critical process variables. They must be set up correctly and monitored during the manufacturing process to ensure proper appearance and the specified chemical and physical properties.

The resin provides environmental resistance and the glass provides
strength, in addition to safety from fire.

GRP Fibreglass Profile Properties

Fibre-Pipe is impervious to a wide range of corrosive environments and will not rust or rot.

Fibre-Pipe is thermally and electronically non-conductive, making it an excellent insulator.

Fibre-Pipe provides stability and strength in applications where magnetism is an issue.

Our GRP Fibreglass Profiles combines high strength with light weight. The material is 75% less dense than steel, and 33% less dense than aluminum.

Low Maintenance GRP Fibreglass Profile products have a permanent colour and are virtually maintenance free.

Fibre-Pipe Profile Applications

Fibre-Pipe provides numerous benefits in commercial and industrial construction. Because of the nature of the pultruded product, it is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Some of Fibre-Pipe’s Potential Applications:

  • Bannister & hand rails
  • Sign posts

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