Fibreglass World Africa Roof Sheeting

Fibreglass World Africa manufacturers and sells a wide range of high-quality fibreglass sheets for roofing and side cladding on buildings and structures. Our roofing products are designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh elements that exist in South Africa’s climate.

Our wide range of fibreglass roofing solutions supports projects of any size! Speak to one of our consultants for the best advice and information on our products

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Roof Sheeting Information

Available Roof Sheeting Types

  • IBR Fibreglass Roof Sheeting
  • Corrugated Fibreglass Roof Sheeting
  • Flat Board Fibreglass Roof Sheeting
  • Nu Rib & Pro-Rib Fibreglass Roof Sheeting
  • Span 32 & Pro Span 560 Fibreglass Roof Sheeting
  • Widespan & Big Six Fibreglass Roof Sheeting
  • Delta Rib & Deklad 550 Fibreglass Roof Sheeting
  • B Grade Fibreglass Roof Sheeting

Available Colours

  • Clear   90-95% Light
  • White  55% Light
  • Blue  75% Light
  • Green  75% Light

Terms & Conditions Of Sale

1. All prices are excluding 14% VAT & excluding Transport.
2. Payment on all sheets is strictly cash in advance.
3. No cheques, No refunds, No exchange apply once goods have been ordered.
4. All sheets have UV protection on both sides.
5. Resin used is UVA SABS approved.
6. Sheets will only be made once payment is done in full.
7. All prices are per linear meter.
8. Any sheet that exceeds 6 meters in length, a horse and trailer will be hired and this is at the customer’s expense.
9. Nivitex will not be liable for any damages once all goods have left
the premises.
10. Sheets are normally ready by Friday afternoon.
11. Orders to be placed from Monday – Thursday no later than 12 pm.

IBR Roof Sheeting
IBR Roof Sheeting
RSF-IBR-11Overall Width 7371.10 KG/m2
RSF-IBR-14Cover width 6861.40 KG/m2
RSF-IBR-18-1.80 KG/m2
RSF-IBR-20-2.00 KG/m2
IBR Roof Sheeting
RSF-NR-14OW 800mm1.40 KG/m2
RSF-NR-18CW 762mm1.80 KG/m2
RSF-NR-20-2.0 KG/m2
Flat Board
IBR Roof Sheeting
RSF-FB-15Overall width 1.01.5 KG/m2
RSF-FB-18Overall width 1.21.8 KG/m2
Corrugated 6.5
RSF-COR65-11O/W 5601.10 KG/m2
-O/W 480-
IBR Roof Sheeting
RSF-S32-14OW 845mm1.40
RSF-S32-18CW 806mm1.80
Big Six
IBR Roof Sheeting
Corrugated 8.5
RSF-COR85-11Overall width 7001.10 KG/m2
RSF-COR85-14Overall width 6101.40 KG/m2
RSF-COR85-18-1.80 KG/m2
RSF-COR85-20-2.0 KG/m2
IBR Roof Sheeting
RSF-PS560-1OW 560mm1.00
IBR Roof Sheeting
Corrugated 10.5
IBR Roof Sheeting
RSF-COR105-11Overall width 8501.10 KG/m2
RSF-COR105-14Overall width 7601.40 KG/m2
RSF-COR105-18-1.80 KG/m2
RSF-COR105-20-2.0 KG/m2
IBR Roof Sheeting
RSF-PR-11OW 660mm1.10
RSF-PR-14OW 610mm1.40
IBR Roof Sheeting
IBR Roof Sheeting
IBR Roof Sheeting
RSF-BG-11-1.1 oNLY

Roof Sheeting Calculator


  1. Please enter only numbers where required.
  2. Javascript must be enabled on your browser.
1. Take Roof Sheet Measurements
Pool Square Meter Measuring Graphic Pool Square Meter Measuring Graphic
2. Calculate Carport or Structure Total m² Area
Enter Width and Length(water flow direction) in meters eg. 5.35m = 5.35
3. Calculate Number of Roof Sheets Required
1. Cover width entry in meters eg. 686mm = 0.686
2. The Length of roof sheets are manufactured to your requirements.
3. Number of roof sheets rounded off to highest number eg. 4.3 sheets will be 5 sheets required.
4. Cost of Roof Sheets Required


The information included in this document is given in good faith and is intended to assist you the customer in determining the suitability of this product for your application. Due to the diverse applications and conditions in which many of our products may be used, we request that you, the user, test and inspect our product to satisfy yourself of its contents and suitability for your specific need. This document does not constitute any guarantee or warranty expressed or implied. The exclusive remedy for all proven claims is replacement of our product and under no circumstances shall we be liable for any special, consequential or incidental damages.

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